• Techvion is the top-most advanced and innovative electronic distributer!

    We are a specialized supplier of powerful systems, electrical components, and semiconductors for applications requiring great dependability and longevity.

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High-Quality Capacitors

Reliable Inductors

High frequency components

AC/DC Power Converter

Switching Regulators


About Techvion


Techvion Company runs an extremely efficient global sourcing network on a global scale.

We are a world leader in delivering cutting-edge electronic components and logistical solutions and a recognized, dependable distributor.

Why Work With Us?

  • We source carefully chosen products from our network of reputable vendors.
  • Daily updates are made to our significant database of recognized vendors.
  • We frequently have access to independent stock lists and authorized distributors.
  • In the absence of references, we do technological research.
  • To guarantee you have the best lead time, we monitor everyday orders.
  • We have access to overstock from customers.